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Automatic plugin updates are coming to WordPress 5.5

I am sure there will be a filter to be able to disable the feature, since automatic plugin updates unless you know the plugin being updated and not checking still has a chance to cause site issues.


Automatic theme updating is also going to happen.

Iā€™m using a plugin to disable all automatic udpates on every single WordPress I maintain:

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Easy Updates Manager plugin is bit of a mess.

The featured plugin is on the WP repo now.

Yeah? Why do you think so? It worked for me so far?!

Because I have seen that plugin mask plugin updates where client sites that had 30-40 plugin updates that were needed.

There should be a constant that can be defined in the sites wp-config.php file to disable the automatic plugin updates.


The constant that should be able to be used to disable automatic theme updates by setting this in the sites wp-config.php file.


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