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Branding - WordPress Options - One site does not change

I have a site that refuses to update the WordPress Options in Branding. All other sections are fine but the quick draft etc remains in the dashboard. Also, the Login does not update.

I have looked for a solution in the forum without success. I have reset the branding in the sites settings, I have re-installed MainWP Child, but nothing seems to work.

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Hi @charliemoss, thanks for reporting this. I can’t duplicate this problem on our side.

Can you please verify that you are using the latest version of the Branding ( extension along with latest MainWP Dashboard (4.1.1) and Child (4.1)?

Hi Bogdan, Yes, I was using the latest. I have recreated the website which has resolved the issue, but it is worth noting for the future.

Hi Charlie, if there is still a site where you can reproduce the problem, please send me login details via private messages so I can check what is going on.

Dear Bogdan,

I have a subsite where the branding option are not applied, I have researched the documentation and the forum, and made sure the site doesn’t use a filter to deactivate the branding, but I am not able to make it work. That’s the only child site in our network with this issue. Please can you help?