Bring back Broken Link Checker

I know this plugin was retired with the security issues and ownership changes in the piece for the child sites, but now that it is being maintained again, it would be nice to have this plugin back or another one to do the same thing. I run the version in the repository on almost all of my sites to resolve issues.

I have made some updates to be compliant with the latest WordPress and jQuery and also to clear the errors with v4.1 and the activation check. Is there a way I can send my changes to update the version stored here for everyone? I am not interested in taking over the plugin long term.


Hi Eric, I’d be interested in trying out this cleaned up version.

I also think there’s a need for this, as knowing the site 404’s some / every links can be helpful in knowing before a client that there are issues to look at!

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I have had a little play and I remember why I liked this now, would be great to see this recommissioned and with all remote options available like who to email being defined from MWP.

Literally got my vote.

Sweet, thanks for the link, Eric!

@jfa - did you have time to review the plugin and test it?
We will definitely interested as well to put it back to MainWP monthly report.
It adds value to the clients.
Thanks, Fred

I’ve tested the version provided by @7thcircle and besides a PHP notice, everything seems fine. I’ll have my partner look over the code for the security aspects, but otherwise, seems to work well.

I’ve tested it on my personal website using v1.11.15, it connects to Child sites, retrieves the data and adds a widget in a Child site’s dashboard. Only thing I haven’t checked is if it adds anything to the Pro Report… but I doubt it does :wink:

I know you didn’t want to keep maintaining it, but that’s the bit I can’t commit on right now

I’d love to have this back as well. I got my MainWP after they retired this so I never got to try it.

I have updated this for better compatibility with MainWP 4.1.x and moved it from Dropbox to Github so that changes can be tracked (and if anyone has updates I have missed they can contribute).

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