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Can anyone help me with a custom token? Willing to pay!

I chose to post in this category since it has most activities.

I’m using Client Reports to send out monthly report to my clients. I need to include month and year in the email subject line eg “Monthly report for (April 2020)”

The only tokens I could use is either [report.daterange] or [] but both will output full date and time eg “April 1, 2020 3:30 am” which makes the subject line look atrociously long.

I was told that I could create custom token, but my coding skill is limited, therefore I’m willing to pay to have someone help me.

The token I need is to output MONTH YEAR eg “April 2020”


Hey Dean, I checked with our dev team about this requirement, and it needs a small tweak in our extension.

If you are still in need for this, please send me a Private message so I can send you the tweaked version of the Client Reports extension.

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Hey @bogdan, any chance I could request this too, please?

Hi @huxodan, please feel free to text me via Private Message

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