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Configuring login and user roles

Hi, there are a few things I’m trying to do to set this up as a tool for my team to use. First, the dashboard is set up on a new WordPress install. The default site is still available to view though. Is there a way to make the site URL default to a login screen and then once you log in go directly to the Main WP dashboard? I don’t want some of the users to have access to the wp-admin area of the dashboard site. Just access to the wp-admin of the child sites.

I installed the team control extension and it works but there is one flaw I see. It doesn’t hide anything from the user’s view, just removes their access. For example if I remove plugins and themes from the user role they can still see the plugins and themes tabs. Clicking on the tab sends them to an error page. I would like to be able to hide the unusable tabs based on user role. I’m not opposed to using custom code if needed to accomplish this I’m just not sure how to target these things by role to hide them.

Also a question I couldn’t find an answer to. If I add a new site do I need to update all the user roles to give them access to that site or will it automatically give access?

@resultsrepeat Thank for your post! I’ll try to address everything that I can.

It’s great that you have Installed your MainWP Dashboard on a “non-public” site. Your next step will be to setup the MainWP Clean & Lock Extension. This will give you the ability to Redirect all non-admin pages to any URL of your choice, Block the entire dashboard via an I.P. Whitelist & or Password Protect the entire Admin or Login age via http Auth.

As for the MainWP Team Control extension. You may be able to create a custom filter and add it to the MainWP Custom Dashboard extension

I don’t know of a specific code snippet at this time though. If you are familiar with WP filter you may be able to write up a role check and then either use CSS or php to remove the menu items.

Thanks for the reply. The Clean & Lock plugin mentions the ability to clean the dashboard in the help documentation to hide unwanted parts of the dashboard but I can’t find the settings for anything like that.