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[Extension Request] Addition of Client Reports [Tokens] for MainWP Code Snippets "return info from child sites"

Posted for Ua Vandercar

Facebook Post:

It would be great to see a customizable merge tag introduced to Client Reports that would call to a specific Code Snippet instance ( that returns info from child sites ) and inserts the resulting HTML output into the report.

So for example, if I have a code snippet that return the installed WordPress Version or Site Heath Score or anything I’d like to pull from the site ( let’s say the snippet has an ID of 27 ), I could then, in a client report, add a merge tag - let’s say [code.snippet:27] - that adds the HTML output to that specific snippet.

It would open so any possibilities! Thanks for your consideration of this idea.

I’ve recently started using MainWP having spent many years using ManageWP, and the main reason for changing is the reporting flexibility in MainWP - the reports in ManageWP are not very good. I’ve spent a lot of time putting a report template together that [almost] exactly matches my hand-crafted PDF reports, most of which is automatically filled out, but not all.

I’ve got a code snippet that returns information from the child site that I then have to manually add to additional tokens, which then get added to the report. Not a problem if you don’t have many sites to do this on but it soon becomes unwieldy so the addition of this would be amazing and such a time-saver!