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[Extension Request] Pro Client Reports - Export to Google Sheets

It would be so useful if I could export the information from the Pro Reports to a Google Sheet, instead of a static PDF document. This would allow for much more powerful handling of the data on my side, and the ability to integrate the statistics into my reporting flow. By making the data available in a Google Sheet, you open up a world of possibilities with integration, and give us much more flexibility in the ways we can use the data.

Hello @digitelle,

I am intrigued by your request. Can you give me an example how you will analyze the data and for which purposes?
For us, we just want to send out reports to the clients so they know that we are taking care of theirs sites, and what we have done.
But, I can see pushing data from GSheets (like tickets or work we have done) inside the report.

I’d be interested in being able to export/sync the reports with Google Sheets.

I’d like to feed the data into 3rd-party reporting tools like Google Data Studio.

Yes, liberating this data so it is possible to draw it into Google Data Studio and other statistics applications like Agency Analytics and more, would be such a wonderful and useful feature.

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Hey Kay, I did some digging around in the child reports plugin this evening.

There’s a WP CLI command to pull out all of the events from the database, but then it’s up to you about how you want to handle that data.

e.g. wp mainwp_stream query

It’s based on this plugin:

I’m still looking into the best way to get that data out of the child site in a somewhat automated way that doesn’t require connecting to the database or running WP CLI.

WP CLI Command
Query Reference

There’s also this blog post which references another extension I haven’t tried yet - Activity Log. Which may be more suited for what we’re trying to do? I don’t know, will need to try it out.

Nice research! :slight_smile: I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one that cares about this. Unfortunately I don’t know much about APIs and coding, but couldn’t MainWP create an API that other services could connect to pull out various data? Right now I have to either send two wildly different reports, or do a lot of manual work.

Or add the possibility to automatically post the report to Google Sheets, which would then open the data up for processing by other apps like Google Data Studio and Agency Analytics to mention a few. :slight_smile: