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Hello, Mustaasam from Cloudways

Hello Everyone,

I’m Mustaasam Saleem who looks after the WordPress community at Cloudways that offers managed cloud for WordPress and all PHP based applications.

Many of our customers use MainWP due to its compatibility with Cloudways. Just to mention, we are happy to have MainWP as one of our happy customers. :slight_smile:

@dennis Congratulate for your efforts towards the WordPress ecosystem.


Welcome Mustaasam, nice to have you here, too! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ivicad, I find you everywhere. :wink: Keep rocking.

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“Omnipresent”, what can I say :wink:

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Welcome @MustaasamSaleem , I’m glad to see you here and I gave you a new title next to your name “WordPress liaison for Cloudways” so you don’t need to explain who you are every time you answer a question :slight_smile:

Also, since you’ll be most focused on Hosting if you go to the Hosting Category you can click the “Bell” icon and select “watching” any you’ll get notified anytime someone posts there.

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That’s perfect Dennis and thanks for a warm welcome. :slight_smile:

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