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How to Automate this business?

Hi all, I’m new to this plugin so there is still a lot to figure out. I was looking for a way to service existing clients and now thinking about making this tool a separate service or entire new business.

One thing that strikes me thought is that for each client there is a lot of manual work on our side. And for non technical clients asking them to install the mainwp-child plugin (or give you admin access) is a big hurdle.

So I was wondering how you pro’s manage all that and keep things easy and simple?



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First, apologies on the delay of your post Akismet flagged it for review.

Second, I think if you’re going to be servicing their website for them there is no way to get around them giving you admin access. For that you need to build and have your clients trust.

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We do all the work for them! We are just requesting admin access and take care of the rest.
We have process in place so we are sure that each client is onboarding properly in all system (mainwp, crm, sales…etc).