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How to Disable Automatic Plugin and Theme Updates on your Child Sites

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In WordPress 5.5 which is on track to be released in August of this year, there will be a new feature for automatic plugin and theme updates. Currently, the featured plugin is not merged into WordPress core but is on track to be merged for the WordPress 5.5 release. Automatic updates for plugins and theme…


This is a good approach, and for the Plan B we also got WP Reset Pro so we can easily roll back site if anything goes wrong in seconds.

I tested WP Reset Pro with MainWP and automatic snapshots works just nice, so now I am waiting only for the new feature (which is in progress) and that is automatic snapshots upload to Cloud so we don’t make burden of the current database on the hosting.

Also I hope we will have a MainWP extesion for WP reset as well :slight_smile:


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