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If using Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (formerly GADWP) plugin

Now might be the time to update to other Google Analytics dashboard plugin options.

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More info can be found here.

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Ya, this is a bunch of crap. What plugin are y’all moving to? I unfortunately have to move about 200.

My biggest need is to provide basic page views on the dashboard for clients that don’t want/need in-depth analytics.

@graceatwork we are trying Google Site Kit:
So far, so good.

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Google Site Kit plugin is solid but has a bunch of authentication steps. I remember testing it when it was still in beta.

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This is a fork of the original GADWP plugin and great for people who just want to view their basic stats, where sitekit is more work to activate the various services, is only available for the admin that sets it up etc.


Another forked option.

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