MainWP Article Dashboard - How to display multiple language articles?

Greetings all,

I have 2 child sites and 1 main site but each with a different set of languages.
Main = EN, FR
Child 1 = EN, NL
Child 2 = FR, AR

How can I view/edit all languages from my MainWP dashboard?
Currently I see only one language and event then I don’t know which language is being displayed.

How can I manage all the pages from all the languages from my Parent MainWP dashboard?


The main site and child site uses polylang plugin to handle the various language

Hi Chiron,

I understand you setup, but can you give me more details about requirements, what exactly you need to edit?

Hi Bogdan,

I would like to edit my articles from the mainWP parent interface in my desired language.
Currently it seems like I need to create an article, publish it on all my child sites.
Then go on each individual site and add each translation for each language.

It is ok to edit one or two articles, but knowing that by end of this month I will end up with more pages to create and translate, this process will become a hassle and time consuming.

Basically view all my languages or a selected language and be able to edit them from my parent mainwp.