MainWP Host System Stolen

I had mainwp dashboard configured on a system that was stolen a while back and I didn’t really have the time to reconfigure mainwp until today. It has come to my attention that I can’t connect my child sites to a new dashboard cause I had configured some of my child sites to generate code to connect to the original dashboard. How can I reset the mainwp configuration so I may connect my child sites to a new dashboard.

Try deactivating and than activating the child plugin again

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@didd By design - MainWP only allows a single connection to each Child Site from a single dashboard. Therefore, if you are the correct owner / operator you should already have access to the Child Sites in question - as suggested by @smeedijzer log into those Child Sites and deactivate/re-activate the MainWP Child Plugin which will break the connection to the old MainWP Dashboard allowing you to connect from the new one.

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