Question Change URL WP-admin (plugin WPS Hide Login)

Hello ,

For one of my website i changer the address to another URL for more security (with WPS Hide Login).
Everything works fine with MainWp except for one :
When I’m on the dashboard of my sites and want to connect my site administration with the “Jump to the WP admin site” button. Unfortunately it doesn’t work anymore. Is it possible to modify this to make it work ? I didn’t find in the dashboard settings to change the path.

Thanks in advance

WPS Hide Login is functionality in the category “security through obscurity”, which is considered a bad practice. You can compare it to trying to hide the front door of your house instead of using a good lock on the door. If the lock is good, you don’t need to hide the door. And if you hide the door, you even might forget where it is yourself. So it can do more harm than good.