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SEOPress and Swift Perfomance addon

Hey guys :slight_smile:
I see you have an extension for Yoast SEO, but I’m pretty sure SEOPress is really better than Yoast lol
Can you please take care and add an awesome addon for SEOPress?

I believe reports and suggestions (also perfomance) it’s a great way to take care.

Also with Swift Perfomance :slight_smile:

Moved from #dev to Extension Requests.

Just come across SEOpress too.

Would like to upvote as is a great competitor to Yoast.


Yes I am also upvoting this. SEOPress is a must for us. We don’t use Yoast anymore the cost is prohibitive for what is does. We find SEOPress does just as good a job. I hope we see this soon as an extension.