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Two way syncing of settings for Updraft and Rocket?

Hi, I just set up a test site and noticed that the Updraft and Rocket extensions don’t pull the settings from the child site. Is this correct? I had a pre-configured site with WP Rocket and all the settings on the Rocket extension were blank, when I edited one of them, it cleared all the settings to the child site. Same with Updraft.

Did I miss some setting or syncing option?
I tried the “Load Settings” option in Rocket > Dashboard > Bulk Actions, but it didn’t really seem to do anything.

Hi @ecotechie, the best way you will want to think of things is your Dashboard controls your Child sites and not the opposite way. All you Child sites do is provide information to the Dashboard and your Dashboard handles the controls.

If you have a set configuration for WPRocket and Updraft that you use on all sites then you can set those directly for each plugin.

For Example, all your settings have the same Rocket settings, you would use the “Update WP Rocket Settings on All Your Sites” on the help page below, if some have different settings then you would want to override those using the directions under “Update WP Rocket Settings on a Single Site

Hope that helps!

Got it, so the Child sites never communicate their plugin settings to the Dashboard. That makes this feature only useful for setting up new sites then, right? Because if I want to change an existing Child’s settings there is no way for the Dashboard to know what they are.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.