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[Under Review] Ability to disable updates per plugin / theme

HI all,

With the recent (desaturases) Yoast release of version 14, breaking pages, SERP Result, errors, this make me re-think about safety of updating plugins.

You may not be the only person / admin who manage your sites, so ability to disable updates on individual plugins or themes would be amazing feature release.

Either as standalone feature for mainWP (preferable) or at least integration with existing plugin that is created by the same company who created Updraft Plus backup

Please vote for this feature or integration. We do need it!

For now the only option for me was to disable entire plugin access through branding, but this is overkill.

Maybe a variant of what Rafal suggests?

In eg. the plugin updates list you can now only “ignore globally” or “update all”. An option to skip an update for now would be really helpful.

The list would select all updates by default (as it does now) but an user should be able to deselect a site or update. The “Update all” would than be “Update selected”. The InfiniteWP system has functionality like this.

So “ignore update” on specific plugin or site is here already, but this feature only hides from mainWP, the pending update still remaining visible in WordPress.

My main objective here is to hide, or block update for specific plugin or theme within a WordPress as well.