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Client Reports Missing Data

Hello Everyone - my MainWP is not generating data inside client reports even though i can see all the tokens in place. any advice pls? ( i am sure i am doing wrong but just can’t figure it out :frowning: )

Hey @sagalian,

When you say “i can see all the tokens in place” - where exactly are you referring to, which page?
Have you filled out the Reports Tokens on each Child Site > Edit Page?

Keith thanks for the reply. Yes i have client details via Edit Site but actually I meant when i generate report it doesn’t show stats, like number of backups, security scan information, how many times plugins were updated, google analytics stats etc. i am sorry if i have caused a confusion!!

@sagalian Oh ok, yeah now I am following a bit better. Would you be able to send us your System Reports?

MainWP Dashboard > Status > Server > Copy System Report for the MainWP Community
Child Site > Settings > MainWP Child > Server Information > Click the blue button.

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