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[Extension Request] Pro Client Reports: Report Tokens for iThemes Security

It would be very helpful if we could also document the use of iThemes Security in the reports. Unfortunately, there are no tokens yet.

Tokens for the last malware scan (day, time, status) would be important. In addition, a summary of all lockouts and brut force attacks in the report period would be great.

Initial request (10/30/2018):

Absolutely would love to have tokens for iThemes Security. Both free and pro tokens.

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I would welcome this. I prefer iThemes security over WordFence. iThemes Security Pro has a very affordable unlimited sites option. Being able to add thes stats in my Client Reports would be awesome.

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Then it would certainly be very helpful for you if the iThemes Security Extension would also support the Pro functions? Then please vote here again: iThemes Security: Pro Support

voted, im interest for MainWP pro, but not yet support for ithemes security pro, im in hold my purchase to MainWP Pro until supported for ithemes security pro, it too important for me