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How to use the Growmatik Plugin and Service on your Child Sites

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There is a brand new all-in-one marketing automation, personalization platform that can be used for WordPress and WooCommerce sites called Growmatik. First, you will need to signup and create an account in Growmatik. After you have created an account it will guide you through what type of site you want to connect into Growmatik, the…

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Thank you MainWP for sharing Growmatik plugin. You guys have a great WordPress blog and I will definitely come back for more visits.


Growmatik plugin and service seems very solid and interested to see what features are added to it. Any idea when it will be out of beta?

Thank you for your feedback Sebastian. we are planning to go out of beta and introduce pricing plans in about a month.

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Awesome to hear that.

Interesting! I wonder about how they differ from, who are providing a very similar plugin & service for WP

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