Oxygen Builder updates not detected

I implemented the Custom Dashboard PHP outlined in How to add Oxygen Builder to be detected by MainWP Dashboard when there is an update. MainWP still does not know when Oxygen has updates available. Has something changed since that post was published, earlier this year?

Is there something else I should be looking for that could prevent this method from detecting Oxygen updates?

Hello @qpgltdco,
I just checked our dashboard and we can see O2 updates:

What version you don’t see?

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I don’t see any updates regardless of version. I had one staging site that was still running Oxygen 2 something, and all other Oxygen sites had various versions of Oxygen 3. I had to find their status by using the Manage Plugins and searching for Oxygen because none of the sites indicated they had updates available despite having the Custom Dashboard PHP modified identically to that in the forum post I linked in my OP.

In order to update them, I wound up logging in to each site and doing it manually. In retrospect, I probably should have just done what I wound up doing on the staging site with Oxygen 2; pushed it from MainWP favorites.

As a test just now, I rolled back one staging site to 3.8 from 3.8.1 since I still had 3.8 loaded in the MainWP Favorites. Even after a manual sync with that site, MainWP gave me no indication that an update is available. It didn’t show the update when I logged into that site directly, though, so I went ahead and replaced it with Oxygen 3.5, which did lead to immediate detection of updates directly in the site.

I went ahead and ran a fresh sync on that site from MainWP, and for the first time saw an available update status for Oxygen (and Oxy Extras, which has also been elusive, but is off topic).

Maybe they will start showing up going forward. Who knows. I just found it odd that none of the updates showed in MainWP despite showing in the site dashboards, and thought I should ask here if anyone else has encountered similar. Thanks for the reply.

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Is Oxygen updates working for you without the custom PHP, or is that with it? Just wondering if it got cooked into MainWP.

It had never worked for me before I added the custom PHP. It has also both worked and not worked for me with the custom PHP present. The only time it has worked for me is detailed in my previous post.

Hi @webmaestro, it didn’t work without the PHP custom code but, honestly, I didn’t try to remove it recently…


To be honest, I wasn’t aware of this issue at all, but did notice that from time to time I’d find very out-dated Oxygen installs. Now I know why.

I’m almost certain that it does not. Did some checking last night and found several sites with old Oxygen versions. It would be great if they cooked this into MWP Core. I don’t see a reason not to.

Agree @webmaestro! I think they said they are working on it… @dennis ?